Free-form Friday 05-31-2024 Eight Bananas of Ten
America's Untold StoriesJune 01, 202401:56:59

Free-form Friday 05-31-2024 Eight Bananas of Ten

Alan Dershowitz said we are at about 8 out of 10 bananas in our republic as of yesterday. It's hard to argue against him. Mark and Eric will try to make sense of what is happening during these trying times.

0:27: ⚖️ Allegations of political persecution against Donald Trump through weak indictment and biased judge.
9:44: ⚖️ Call for nonviolent armed guards at voting centers to prevent election misconduct.
18:29: ⚖️ Challenges in obtaining justice through appeals court and Supreme Court, reliance on New York judicial system for resolution.
27:16: 🔄 Chinese Communist Party using social media to amplify US protests to justify authoritarian regime domestically.
36:48: 🗣️ Outrage over demands made by illegal aliens to Denver mayor.
45:50: 🚫 Controversial policies of Boston mayor decriminalizing trespassing and shoplifting.
55:22: 🌍 Controversial changes in environmental policies and societal acceptance of unique entertainment.
1:04:20: 🚇 Challenges in MetroSystem security and safety due to changes in law enforcement presence.
1:13:36: 💔 California opposes building homeless shelters, preferring housing or nothing, leading to deaths on the streets.
1:22:23: ⚠️ Passengers experiencing cannabis detox may exhibit irritability, as seen in a situation involving Mike Tyson.
1:31:11: 🌽 Biodegradable corn-based cups are sturdier than thin plastic, steel straws are used for snorting substances.
1:40:21: 🤔 Discussion on accidental humor, Dennis Quaid's family, and adjusting to new formats like Twitter vs. YouTube.
1:49:13: 💬 Discussion on coffee brands, fundraising request from Joe Biden, and website crash due to high traffic.
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