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July 12, 202402:04:21

Free-form Friday 07-12-2024

It's Free-form Friday! The news isn't slowing down at all! Let's sort it out! Stephanie Lazarus episode β˜•οΈ Check out some America's Untold Stories Supreme Blend Coffee! β˜•οΈ πŸͺ™ Get the brand new America's Untold Stories challenge coin! πŸͺ™ On Locals with a Private Chat Rumble Link

July 09, 202400:33:15

The Hidden Role of Ruth Paine in the JFK Assassination

In this exclusive interview at the Citizens Against Political Assassinations (CAPA) Conference, Mark Groubert of America's Untold Stories sits down with Max Good, the visionary behind the documentary "The Assassination and Mrs. Paine." This film delves deep into the enigmatic life of Ruth Paine, a key figure linked to Lee Harvey Oswald and the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Max Good provides an in-depth look at Ruth Paine’s intriguing involvement with Oswald and her possible connect...

July 05, 202401:53:15

Free-form Friday 07-05-2024

It's Free-form Friday! As we continue the holiday weekend, let's catch up! Check out our Art Detective episode which will be featured on 20/20 0:23: πŸ’° Financial disparities among minority groups in California lead to lack of access to banking services. 9:21: πŸ’₯ Political tension escalates as the President challenges Democrats to act swiftly. 17:02: βš”οΈ Intense battle between Dick Dickerson and 556 PE Pew over memberships during a live broadcast. 26:12: πŸ“°...

July 04, 202400:00:57

The Achilles Heel of the JFK Assassination Myth

Join Eric Hunley and Mark Groubert on Americas Untold Stories as they reveal the Achilles heel of the JFK assassination myth. If Lee Harvey Oswald wasn't in Mexico City in September and October of 1963, it undermines the entire narrative. Discover why these documents are so crucial in exposing the truth. #AmericasUntoldStories #EricHunley #MarkGroubert #JFKAssassination #ConspiracyTheories #HistoricalMysteries #LeeHarveyOswald #MexicoCity

July 04, 202400:00:50

Deep State Tactics: Linking Oswald to the Soviets

Join Eric Hunley and Mark Groubert on Americas Untold Stories as they discuss the Deep State's attempts to link Lee Harvey Oswald to the Soviets, especially in light of the recent political climate. Discover how selective leaks and strategic document dumps aim to shape narratives. #AmericasUntoldStories #EricHunley #MarkGroubert #JFKAssassination #DeepState #ConspiracyTheories #LeeHarveyOswald #SovietConnection

July 02, 202401:35:46

Who was Watergate Burglar Eugenio Martinez?

Unveiling the Enigma of Eugenio Martinez: Watergate's Hidden Figure Welcome to another riveting episode of America's Untold Stories with your hosts, Mark Groubert and Eric Hunley. In this deep dive, we explore the life and mysteries surrounding Eugenio Martinez, one of the infamous Watergate burglars. But who was he really? And is there more to his story than what history books tell us? Who Was Eugenio Martinez? Eugenio Martinez wasn't just a footnote in the Watergate scandal; he was a complex c...

July 01, 202400:00:59

The Man Who Rearranged JFK's Motorcade

Discover the untold story of Jack Puterbaugh, the man who rearranged the vehicles in JFK's motorcade on November 22, 1963. Under LBJ's direction, Puterbaugh moved the media back and took control of the lead car, playing a crucial role in the events of that fateful day. Join Eric Hunley and Mark Groubert on Americas Untold Stories as they uncover the details of Puterbaugh's involvement. #AmericasUntoldStories #EricHunley #MarkGroubert #JFK #JFKAssassination #JackPuterbaugh #MotorcadeMystery